English Language Coach

“Thank you for your help with my presentation at the international conference in Brussels. My thesis was well accepted and I received good feedback. Even though it was a lot of work, I felt confident because I knew you had correctly edited my paper so that the people understood my English.”

C. LeDoux, Paris, France, Ph.D. student

“I have enjoyed talking with you in American English. It is important in my work that I stay up-to-date with English phrases and daily language. You are a good instructor. I am always happy to practice with you when you are in Paris.”

M. Barnaud, Paris, France, translator

Hi Mary Jo,

“Q. and V. enjoyed a lot the last course! They were very enthusiastic! OK pour tomorrow. Thanks for all. Have a nice summer! Will you be back in September?”

M. Guichard, Paris, France, father of Q. (12) and V. (9)

. . . at the beach

If you have Skype and a video camera on your computer, we can read books together, practice your English-language assignments from school, or chat in American English. I can help you with your English, either as a language coach or as an editor of your written papers (we can do this via email). I can accept euros. Let me know what you need. Send me an email.