What recent and current clients say …

“This board was appointed by the City years ago, but since Mary Jo became our PR/Marketing Consultant, we have more volunteers, well-attended educational programs, interesting guided tree walks, and citizens know more about our efforts to preserve and protect our urban forest.”

TW, Staff Liaison, Hendersonville Tree Board

“Business at Falderal Winery improved from the moment we signed on with Mary Jo. Her experience in public relations means we’ve had increasing attendance for our wine-making classes, we’ve sold out of favorite wines, she created marketable names for our in-house wines to draw customers, and our recent wine-tasting event was well attended and a great success.”

Paul Kovacich, owner, Falderal Winery, Hendersonville, NC

Mary Jo is doing more than create a continuous stream of up-to-the-minute reports for our website on the successes and progress of 86 Arizona Centennial Legacy Projects. She is also our personal ambassador to the hundreds of volunteers managing those far-flung and widely diverse projects across the state. Not only does our website keep citizens informed about this exciting moment in Arizona history, but we are, with Mary Jo’s unique approach, able to stay connected and personally involved with Arizonans in big cities and very rural areas throughout this several-years effort. Amazingly, with the help of technology, this is done long-distance. For me, this is what ‘public relations’ is all about.”

Gladys Ann Wells, Director, Libraries, Archives, and Public Records, State of Arizona

“Our nonprofit organization benefits greatly by having Mary Jo handle publicity. People are attending our events – especially the Film Festival – because the PR is well written and used by the media. We even had good attendance at our Annual Meeting in January.”

President of the board, Hendersonville Sister Cities, Inc.